DFSTrace Reading Library Introduction

This introduces the DFSTrace reading library,  a c library  for reading traces taken with DFSTrace along with several example analysis programs.  If you are only  interested in using existing traces, and not in taking more traces then you will only need the  trace reading library. The entire traces  have been put on to a set of several CDs.  Note: To getting trace data see either of the two URLs below.

Complete up to date details of the DFSTrace system  can the found at:
http://coda.cs.cmu.edu/DFSTrace as well as  http://csl.cse.ucsc.edu/projects/DFSTrace

Download a tarball of the trace reading library

The following files are included with this package:

README.reading.library             -- A text verion of this readme
INSTALL.reading.library             -- Directions for installing the reading library

bin/                                              -- should hold various trace  analyzing
                                                        programs once the library is built
doc/                                             -- further documentation
etc/                                              -- some scripts for testing the trace data
include/                                        -- where the library's include file is installed
lib/                                               -- where the c library (tracelib.a) is installed
man/                                            -- some man pages nroff
src/                                              -- source code for tracelib, post processing

More documention can be found in the following files:

The main header of the library:

Example trace analysis programs:
creplay(1)      -- execute commands from an untrace
files(1)           -- list file names most frequently accessed in a trace
patterns(1)     -- summarize file access patterns in a trace
replay(1)        -- trace prettyprinter
sessions(1)     -- print active sessions in a trace
tstat(1)           -- print trace statistics
untrace(1)      -- recreate actions from a trace
users(1)         -- print active uids in a trace

Trace Reading Library API:
trace_close(3)             -- close a trace file
trace_copyrecord(3)   -- Make a safe copy of a trace record
trace_fidsequal(3)       -- Compares fids
trace_freerecord(3)     -- deallocate a trace record
trace_getfid(3)             -- Get list of fids in a trace record
trace_getfileindex(3)    -- get file table index from trace record
trace_getfiletype(3)      -- get file type from trace record
trace_getpath(3)          -- Get list of pathnames in a trace record
trace_getrecord(3)       -- get a record from a trace
trace_getrefcount(3)     -- get reference count from trace record
trace_getuser(3)           -- return the uid that produced a trace record
trace_open(3)              -- open a trace file
trace_printpreamble(3) -- print the preamble of a trace
trace_printrecord(3)     -- Print contents of trace record
trace_setfilter(3)           -- filter a trace
trace_stats(3)               -- Get information on an open trace
tracetostr(3)                 -- Convert trace record fields to strings