On-line Coda Project Traces

The following are directories each containing one month (Jan. 93) of traces from four different machines. These are provided as an online set of traces the represent a variety differ workloads. The machine barber was a server with the highest rate of system calls per second. The machine dvorak had the highest percentage of write activity, ives had the largest number of users, and mozart was selected as a typical desktop work-station.

Barber -- the highest rate of system calls per second

Dvorak -- the highest percentage of write activity

Ives -- the largest number of users

Mozart -- a typical desktop work-station

Note if you want to copy all of these at once I would recommend the use of the utility wget

After examining these samples, if you would have a need for the entire set of 38 CDs please contact me directly (tmk@cse.ucsc.edu) to make arrangements to temporarily barrow the CD collection.

The following is a summary of information about each machine:

Traced machines. All from cs.cmu.edu

Host name       Machine type    Users
holst.coda         pmax         2660
verdi.coda         pmax         2954
purcell.coda       pmax         3401
ives.coda          pmax         2336
grieg.coda         3max         test server, 3401 occ,  
                                server after 8/91
haydn.coda         3max         test server, 2954 occ, 
                                server after 8/91
wagner.coda        3max         server
strauss.coda       ibmrt        test server, 2336 occ
dvorak.coda        pmax         2208
messiaen.coda      pmax         4615
rossini.coda       ibmrt        2208 occ, 5210 6/91-8/91, 
                                off after
pachelbel.coda     ibmrt        test server
copland.coda       3max         2208, 2954 occ, 
                                5210 occ after 8/91
mozart.coda        pmax         122
bach.coda          ibmrt        4774 before 6/91, off after
brahms.coda        ibmrt        5024 before 7/91, off after
schumann.coda      ibmrt        test server, 2336 occ
gershwin.coda      ibmrt        test server, 2336 occ
pds.camelot        ibmrt        2071
ldl.venari         pmax         3424
valet.venari       3max         3424
furmint.nectar     sparc        471
robin.warp         sparc        4435
coca-cola.nectar   sun4         3249
concord.nectar     sun4         various


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