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Milestone Coda-6.9.3

Completed 12 years ago (Jan 11, 2008, 5:11:40 PM)


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Coda-6.9.3, LWP-2.4, RPC2-2.7, RVM-1.15

Bug fixes

  • Avoid sprintf overflows when building tar headers for CML checkpoint files. (Adam Goode)
  • Fix gcodacon python path. (Greg Troxel)
  • When a new user is added, auth2 would fail for the first login attempt. (Rune)
  • Several cygwin updates. (Phil Nelson)
  • When creating a new volume mountpoint, flush any kernel caches of previously failed lookups.
  • Make sure objects are at least demoted when we are unable to kill them.
  • Avoid venus crash when writing to a file that is reintegrating.
  • Fix "fsobj::AttachChild: not dir" failures during recovery.
  • Updatefetch failed to load a recently updated file.
  • Reinstate lost include for netdb.h in kerberos authentication code.
  • Several SFTP improvements, make retransmission timing tighter, be more conservative when to retransmit.
  • Newly created files and directories sometimes became inaccessible when reintegration happens before we sent the reply back to the kernel.


  • Add notification popups and normalize status texts for gcodacon. (Adam Goode)
  • Various gcodacon improvements.
  • Include venus-setup in Debian's coda-client package.
  • Increase default reintegration time period.
  • cfs forcereintegrate will retry reintegration even if we previously detected a conflict.
  • set group id in checkpoint tar headers to nfsnobody/nogroup/65534.

Build fixes

  • Update automake/autoconf stuff. (Adam Goode)
  • Fix string constant to char * casts.
  • Use pkg-config for lwp, rpc2 and rvm libraries.
  • Build shared libraries on cygwin.
  • Fix libseg link dependencies, link libseg against librvm and libseglwp against librvmlwp.
  • Fix infinite loop when makecontext fails during the lwp configure test.
  • Mark lwp's process.S assembly code as not requiring an executable stack.
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