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Milestone Coda-6.9.4

Completed 11 years ago (Jan 5, 2009, 5:00:00 PM)


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Coda-6.9.4, LWP-2.5, RPC2-2.8, RVM-1.16


  • Avoid possible crashes and/or data loss when volumes are removed from and re-added to the client cache.
  • Add configuration setting (detect_reintegration_retry) for Coda clients running in a VMM which prevents dropping reintegrated operations when the virtual machine is reset to an earlier snapshot.
  • Do not assert on various non-fatal conditions (failing chown/chmod) that may arise when for instance the client cache is stored on a vfat formatted file system.
  • During backups, avoid unlocking locks that may have been taken by another thread.
  • Allow changing of the ctime/mtime of symlinks.
  • Avoid a server deadlock by correcting lock ordering between ViceFetch, ViceGetAttr and ViceValidataAttrs (problem identified and tracked down with lots of help from Rune).
  • SFTP bulk data transfers could unexpectedly fail because it was checking an incorrect retry counter.


  • Improve tar support and add cpio archive formats for modification log checkpoints.
  • Do not invoke server resolution on a single available replica.
  • Add new incremental dump format that maintains full path information when converting the resulting volume dump to a tar archive.
  • Add valgrind support to LWP.
  • Simplify RPC2 retransmission interval calculation.
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