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Assigned Coda port numbers

The network port numbers used by Coda have been allocated by IANA. As a result they are listed in a services file on most systems. If, during the Coda installation, you got a warning pointing you at this page, your system's services file is probably missing the Coda port numbers.

You can add the following entries to your services file.

# Iana allocated Coda filesystem port numbers
rpc2portmap     369/tcp    
rpc2portmap     369/udp    # Coda portmapper
codaauth2       370/tcp    
codaauth2       370/udp    # Coda authentication server
venus           2430/tcp   # codacon port
venus           2430/udp   # Venus callback/wbc interface 
venus-se        2431/tcp   # tcp side effects
venus-se        2431/udp   # udp sftp side effect
codasrv         2432/tcp   # not used
codasrv         2432/udp   # server port
codasrv-se      2433/tcp   # tcp side effects
codasrv-se      2433/udp   # udp sftp side effect

On most UNIX based systems the services file is typically /etc/services. On Windows the file can be found at either \WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\SERVICES or \WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\SERVICES.

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