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Welcome to the Coda development wiki

Coda is an advanced networked file system. It has been developed at CMU since 1987 by the systems group of M. Satyanarayanan in the SCS department.

Where to start

You can,

  • Browse the Coda, LWP, RPC2, and RVM sources.
  • Download a recent release or grab the source directly from our CVS or Git repository.
  • Read how to build, install and use your own Coda clients and servers.
  • Help by updating the documentation on this wiki.
  • Report or resolve various Coda bugs.
  • Some additional places where Coda bugs may be found,
  • There are also mailing lists to track CVS commits,
    • changelog(at) sends out log messages whenever changes are committed .
    • cvs(at) sends both the log message and a unidiff patch of every commit.
  • You might even find some Coda developers and users hanging out on #coda at