Coda File System

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4. Directory handling in the server

The server has a fairly complicated directory handling system which we describe here.

4.1 Persistent storage of directory data

A directory is identified by a vnode, and the vnode's data is stored in a VnodeDiskObject (cvnode.h). The type of the vnode will be directory and the inodeNumber will be an RVM pointer to a DirInode . The dir inode contains an array of page addresses and a reference count to identify the copy on write references to the directory.

When the pages are placed in a contiguous buffer, the directory has the standard structure described in codadir.h .

4.2 Directory handles in the server

A key difference between server and client handling of directories is that there can be more than a single vnode referencing the same directory inode. In the client only a single fso can point to a dir header. Generally the vnodes referencing the directory inode will lie in different volumes, one being a read only clone of another volume. As a result the directory data is an object which needs to be treated independently of the vnode. For this we use a cache of DirHandles.

The interface to the cache is extremely simple: DC_HashInit initializes the hash table. DC_Get takes as argument a pointer to a DirInode and enters it in the cache if it wasn't in yet, returning the pointer to the DirHandle . The cache entry has a reference count which indicates how many VM vnodes are referencing the directory inode. The in-core copy of the vnode will have its DirHandle field set to the result returned by DC_Get. When the directory data for a Vnode needs to be available, DC_Get is called with argument vnode- > disk.inode. Previously this was achieved by calling SetDirHandle.

At this point in time a VM copy of the directory data is available for manipulation by the fileserver. The routines DH_Lookup, DH_Delete, DH_Create etc. are available to search and modify the VM copy of the directory. Such changes obtain a write lock on the DirHandle since the changes will be visible to other threads accessing the directory.

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