Coda File System

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Coda File System
User and System Administrators Manual

M. Satyanarayanan, Maria R. Ebling, Joshua Raiff, Peter J. Braam

v1.1, 20 August 1997
The Coda File System is a descendant of the Andrew File System. Like AFS, Coda offers location-transparent access to a shared Unix file namespace that is mapped on to a collection of dedicated file servers. But Coda represents a substantial improvement over AFS because it offers considerably higher availability in the face of server and network failures. The improvement in availability is achieved using the complementary techniques of server replication and disconnected operation. Disconnected operation proven especially valuable in supporting portable computers. This document is a reference manual for Coda users and system administrators.

1. Preface

2. Getting Started

3. Common Scenarios

4. Troubleshooting

5. System Overview

6. Configuring Kernels for use with Coda

7. Installing a Coda Server

8. Installing and Configuring a Coda Client

9. Running Coda

10. System Administration: Volumes

11. System Administration: Users

12. The Backup System

13. Reinitializing Coda Servers after a Disaster

14. Coda Source Layout


15. Quick Reference

16. System Files

17. Common Problems and Suggestions

18. Example Configuration Files

19. Unix Manual Pages

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