Coda File System

9.3. Mounting a Volume

In order to use a volume which you have created and added to the appropriate databases, you must mount the volume. Although Unix file systems must be mounted upon reboot in Unix, Coda volumes are mounted only once. To mount a Coda volume, you must be using a Coda client and be authenticated as a user (use the clog ) who has write access to the directory in which the mount point will be created.

Mount the volumes using the command cfs mkmount filename volname . Note that cfs creates directory name automatically. For example, cfs mkmount /coda/usr/hbovik u.hbovik will create /coda/usr/hbovik and then mount the u.hbovik volume created in the example in Section 9.2 . The volume is now visible to all users of the Coda file system. More information about the cfs command can be found in Chapter 1 and in man page.


When mounting a volume, avoid creating multiple mount points for it. Coda cannot check for this.