Coda File System

9.5. Dumping and Restoring a Volume

9.5.1. Creating a dump of a replicated volume

On the SCM, you need to clone the read-write copy of the volume. You can use the command volutil clone VolumeId . This command will create a read-only volume with the name binaries.readonly (assuming that your volume is called binaries ). Next, you will need to dump this cloned volume to a file with the command volutil dump VolumeId filename .

The next section explains how to restore a dumped volume.

9.5.2. Restoring volume dumps

For complete details on the backup/restore process, see Chapter 11 . In short, one first needs to get the correct dumpfile, possibly merging differential dumps to an older full dump to get the desired state to be restored. Once this file is obtained, use the volutil (8) restore facility.

volutil restore { filename } { partition } [ volname [ volid ] ]

The partition should be one of the /vicep? partitions on the server. You may optionally specify the volumeId and the volume name for the restored volume. This is useful when creating read-only replicated volumes. Note that currently dump files are not independent of byte ordering -- so volumes cannot be dumped across architectures that differ in this respect.

After the volume has been restored the volume location databases have to be updated before client can see the restored volume. This is explained in Section 9.6 .