Coda File System

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4. Server RVM layout

The initial RVM layout of a coda server is simple:

boolean_t       already_initialized;
    struct VolHead VolumeList[MAXVOLS];
    struct VnodeDiskObject    *SmallVnodeFreeList[SMALLFREESIZE];
    struct VnodeDiskObject    *LargeVnodeFreeList[LARGEFREESIZE];
    short    SmallVnodeIndex;
    short    LargeVnodeIndex;
    VolumeId    MaxVolId;
    long    Reserved[MAXVOLS];

These fields are accessed through the CAMLIB_REC macro. The SmallVnodeIndex is the index of the highest pointer in the array, pointing to a free vnode.

The RVM layout is initialized in coda_init ( which allocates small and large vnodes in RVM for each of the entries in the free vnode list arrays. The vnodes are zeroed out.

4.1 Vnodes for volumes

The VolumeData structure has a pointer to the arrays: smallVnodeLists and largeVnodeLists.

4.2 Resolution Logs for vnode lists.

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