Coda File System

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2. File Cache

2.1 FSDB -- the file system database (persisent)

This is an umbrella structure.

2.2 FSOBJ -- a slot in the cache (persisent, some transient fields)

The fso class contains most of the information about a file system object. It has pointers to the volume information, part of which is copied to avoid lookups. There are pointers to the data, which can be a symlink, file or directory object. Data structures of type binding are used to store hoard and cml information.

Fso objects keep track of readers and writers of the object.

2.3 CacheFile -- cache container file

The fso objects are related one-one to cache files. Methods exported by cache files are simple on these are things like validate, move, copy, remove, truncate, reset. It appears that historically cachefiles could be accessed through inode calls. Currently cache files and fsobjs are statically linked by embedding.

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