Coda File System

Coda Filesystem pre-alpha release

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 14:57:53 -0800 (PST)
Coda Distributed Filesystem, version 4.0.1
Linux pre-alpha release

A pre-alpha release is now available from  

This release is not at all suitable for production use, but made to enable
those interested to play with it.

Rpm's for RedHat Linux are in pub/coda-linux, tarred source in
pub/coda-src, and a few papers about coda in pub/coda-papers. After
installing RPM's read the file /usr/doc/coda-4.0.1/INSTALL for further
hints.  Extensive instructions are in the file in that

Features (not all available yet): (from

Coda is a descendant of AFS 2, and has many features that are badly needed
by network filesystems, and which currently are only partly implemented in
commercial products: freely available under a liberal license 
    2.high performance through client side persistent caching 
    3.server replication model for authentication, encryption and access control
    5.disconnected operation for laptops 
    6.continued operation during partial network failures in server
      network bandwith adaptation 
    8.good scalability 
    9.well defined semantics of sharing, even in the presence of network

The Coda project hopes to make Coda widely accepted and available during
the next years.  Coda has been in use on the Mach 2.6 platform for several
years, and ports to Linux and NetBSD are now in an advanced stage. During
the next months we hope to raise the quality of the Linux and NetBSD port
to that on the Mach platform. (I will start to work full time on Coda next

We have exciting new plans too, such as LDAP browseable Coda volumes, and
ports to Windows NT and Rhapsody. Hopefully we will be able to realise
some of these goals. 

There are mailing lists to which you may subscribe, see the WWW page

Send email to coda-linux or to me for questions, bugs or problems, or
discussions. If you want to help the Coda project, please contact me to
make suitable arrangements. I am expecting lots of reports of difficulties
and also lots of help from others!!

Peter J. Braam

Senior Systems Scientist  (starting April 1st 1997)
Coda Project, 
Computer Science Department, 
Carnegie Mellon University
Received on 1997-03-27 18:00:22