Coda File System

Re: anonymous cvs?

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999 13:41:32 -0400 said:
| Hi,
| What is the status of the anonymous CVS repository? Neither
| nor listed on
| does seem to respond.

| / Erik 

And I was hoping to keep the new anoncvs server for myself...

Actually, Elloit sent me the info of how to configure CVS for anonymous 
access when he knew that he would be unable to continue providing the 
service, and with his guidance I set up a new anonymous CVS server on

So this is sort of the announcement, I'll try not to forget to update 
the webpage.

# export
# cvs login
# Password: <empty>

The repository is synced up with our AFS version about every 30
minutes, but only if there actually have been new check-ins and
no cvs clients are currently active.

In the repository you can find the following modules:

  coda        -- Coda filesystem
  linux-coda  -- Linux kernel module for Coda
  rpc2-java   -- java implementation of the rpc2/sftp protocol
		 (written from scratch by Stewart Allen)
  vc95        -- windows 95 specific kernel/applications source
  rpc2tcpdump -- modified tcpdump that can decode Coda's rpc2 messages

So `cvs co coda' will then give the up-to-date version of the coda 

Many thanks go to Elliot for providing anoncvs for the time he could,
and for helping me in setting up the same thing here.

Jan <>
Received on 1999-06-04 13:42:21