Coda File System

Coda 5.3.15

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 18:53:01 -0400
I will be visiting Holland for the next two weeks and instead of packing my
bags I've been building a new release of Coda.

Some long standing minor problems have been fixed, the most important
one is a user database corruption when changing userid's with pdbtool.
The new pdbtool is able to rebuild the database and remove the
corruption. Simply run it as 'pdbtool cm' on the SCM server.

I've appended is a quick summary of what's changed,


For all packages, multiple fixes related to problems with gcc-3.0
prereleases, libdb 1.85 naming confusion and the new libreadline v4.2.

lwp 1.8,
    No functional changes, just the gcc-3.0 fixes.

rpc2 1.12
    Fixed occasional crash in SFTP_SendResponse, mostly tended to hit
    servers with very slow/congested connection to clients. When a
    delayed valid SFTP packet an already freed pointer was dereferenced.

rvm 1.6
    Minor optimization that avoids fsync when using rawio to a
    partition through a character device (typical *BSD setup).

coda 5.3.15
  - Improved the db1 autoconf test some more.
  - Fix wild iterator when killing off connection groups.
  - Found server memory leak in the access validation path.
  - Addressed possible race in server down handling.
  - Not returning ENOENT when testing inconsistent files with
  - More effectively invalidate kernel caches for dangling symlinks as a
    result of conflicts.
  - Remove some unused code.
  - Allow server-server repair with only one existing replica, needed
    for repairing conflicts after running out of diskspace.
  - Code cleanups for gcc-3.0 prerelease.
  - Added "skip volumes" argument to norton-reinit -load.
  - Reduce stack usage when printing name contexts.
  - The 'change id' function of pdbtool would silently corrupt the pdb
    databases, group owner id's were not updated, users were missing
    as members from groups. Group could become a member of a user.
    Hueristics to fix these corruptions are added to the 'pdbtool cm'
Received on 2001-06-12 18:53:15