Coda File System

LWP spinoff

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 21:21:29 -0500
Hi all,

I've been working towards splitting LWP, RVM, and RPC2 from the main
Coda sourcetree. There are some reasons for doing this,

- They are generally not updated very frequently. No need to download
  them over and over again. It should also reduces build time and CVS
  update times for the main tree.

- We already maintained them separately as other groups are using the
  same libraries in different projects. But sometimes changes in the
  Coda tree broke the stand-alone packages. There was a growing
  dependency between parts of Coda and these `stand-alone' libraries
  (they needed things like coda_assert etc.)

- More flexible build environment, using the automake/autoconf/libtool
  toolchain allows for more portability, building them as shared
  libraries (and even cross compile DLLs).

- As these libraries are used by multiple applications it should reduces
  the memory footprint and overall size of the binary packages.

- Their API's are relatively stable, so when implementation bugs are
  fixed, it is possible to install only the fixed library without having
  to upgrade all Coda clients and servers as well.

The first one that is out there is LWP. The source is available from

There is also a cvs module named `lwp', after doing a checkout simply
run the script which sets everything up. This should work
with automake-1.3, autoconf-2.13 and libtool-1.2b, although the cross
compilation has only been tested with am-1.4 and libtool-1.3.3. These
are not required for the source in the tarball.

It has been tested to build correctly on FreeBSD-2.2.5/3.1, NetBSD-1.3,
Linux-2.2, Linux-2.3, and cross-compiling them using djgpp and cygwin.
So it could compile out of the box on other platforms. There are no
package description files for the freebsd ports or netbsd pkgsrc trees.

As the include path for the lwp header files is changed from <lwp.h> to
<lwp/lwp.h> there is a moderately intrusive patch against Coda that will
be committed once everything has been double checked for possible
compilation and runtime problems.

Received on 1999-12-04 21:24:02