Coda File System

Backup problems

From: Kurt Huwig <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 11:39:34 +0100

I have several problems with backing up the coda filesystem:

1. ''

    $rc = 0xffff & system("dump 0sBf $blocksize $size $tape $part");

The option '-s' sets the tape length and not the blocksize; '-B'
overrides '-s', so this should read 'dump 0bBf' with '$blocksize' <= 64
(currently 500).

2. The '' script is missing. Where can I get it from?

3. Does anyone know what is the 'modified Tower of Hanoi algorithm'
mentioned in the dump(8)-manpage?

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Received on 1999-12-14 05:42:54