Coda File System

Coda 5.3.9 released

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 15:10:32 -0400
A new version of Coda, 5.3.9 has been released,

Usual location

Coda clients and servers have been built successfully on i386, ARM, PPC,
and SPARC processors, on FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, and Linux.

A lot has changed since the previous release, many obvious and obscure
bugs got fixed.

Because RVM initialization and some structures in the client have
changed, you will need to reinitialize venus after the upgrade. Also,
/etc/coda/venus.conf has replaced /usr/coda/etc/vstab, so you might want
to run `venus-setup server,list cachesize' to get an initial venus.conf

Because of Linux 2.4 development involving support for multiple
mountpoints, a 5.3.9 venus will currently fail to start when used on a
Linux 2.0 machine. A patch for this is already in the CVS but didn't
make it in the new release. If there is enough demand for this a 5.3.10
will be following shortly.

As far as Windows 9x is concerned, we have got readonly access working
well again, write access is still unreliable. We don't have an uptodate
package ready. If anyone is interested, grab it out of CVS and build
your own, or wait just a bit longer.

Prebuilt RPMS are ready, prebuild Debian packages should appear shortly.
Hopefully we'll get the FreeBSD-ports and NetBSD-pkgsrc trees updated
as well.

  Client related.
    - Replaced advice daemon with newly written sidekick to trigger ASR's
      (Rimas Svarcas).
    - Repair got cleaned up and improved (Rimas Svarcas).
    - Fixed venus shutdown problem on RedHat.
    - Volume related code in venus restructured.
    - Fixed chown on `virgin' (newly created, empty) files.
    - Removed obsolete statistics gathering code.
    - Blocking/filtering setuid bits.
    - Running venus without RVM now works (-rvmt 3, aka. dontuservm=1).

  Server related.
    - Createvol_rep fixes when new servers are added (Phil Nelson).

    - Fixed client connection recycling.
    - Cleanup of server resolution logging.
    - Updateclnt/updatesrv were not replicating the databases correctly.
    - Createvol_rep now disables resolution for singly replicated volumes.

    - Fixed lwp shared libraries for most (all?) platforms.
    - LWP and RVM are now 64-bit clean.
    - IOMGR_Select was not handling timeouts correctly in all cases
      (cause of some of the unexpected long hangs).
    - RPC2 ported to SA-1100 arm processors (Jason Flinn).
    - Limited amount of piggybacked SFTP data to avoid ip-fragmentation
      (Greg Troxel).
    - Fixed RPC2_NOBINDING bug which showed up in clog.
    - Fixed socketlistener getting stuck in an tight CPU burning loop.
    - LWP version of librds was not build out of lwp safe objects.
    - Cleaned up rds_zap_heap and added rvm_release_segment() to allow
      venus to use the rvm provided functions to initialize RVM memory.

As of 5.3.8, the createvol_rep script is using a new way of obtaining
VolumeLists from the servers. This removed the need for running updatesrv on
non-SCM Coda servers, but makes it impossible to create new volumes
when some servers are still older than 5.3.8.

Required files for a typical Coda client installation on a RedHat linux

  Coda client:
    - lwp-1.5-1.i386.rpm
    - rpc2-1.8-1.i386.rpm
    - rvm-1.2-1.i386.rpm
    - coda-debug-client-5.3.9-1.i386.rpm

  Coda server:
    - lwp-1.5-1.i386.rpm
    - rpc2-1.8-1.i386.rpm
    - rvm-1.2-1.i386.rpm
   >- rvm-tools-1.2-1.i386.rpm
    - coda-debug-server-5.3.9-1.i386.rpm

- First build _and install_ lwp.
- Then build and install rpc2 and rvm.

 (or install [lwp,rpc2,rvm]-dev-x.x-1.i386.rpm)

- After that the main Coda tree should be able to find the libraries and
  build just fine.

    - network protocol:                 5.3.1+
    - Coda clients:                     5.3.9
    - Coda servers, RVM/vicepa:         no changes
                    pdb databases:      5.2.3+
		    resolution protocol	5.3.6+
		    update daemons:	5.3.8+

  Updated as of the last release,

    LWP		    1.5
    RPC2	    1.8
    RVM		    1.2


    Solaris kernel  0.03	ftp://.../pub/coda/src/solaris-coda-0.03.tgz
	- Works on Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 2.7, both sparc and i386.

Have fun.
Received on 2000-10-05 15:11:31