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Re: 64bit SPARC kernel fixes...

From: Roland Mainz <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 08:34:31 +0200
Phil Nelson wrote:

> I'll try your stuff soon.  Currently I don't have a SUN compiler installed.
> Do you know if a recent gcc will be able to do the 64 bit stuff?

I won't try it... =:-)
(Possibly) faulty code in the userspace isn't a problem, but faulty code
in a kernel module may result in the problem that machine cannot boot
anymore (panic in device reconfiguration).

32bit created with gcc 2.95.x should work if you disable that part in which selects the ISA (target architecture instruction set,
e.g. -xarch=v7 (32bit) or -xarch=v9 (64bit).

But you can download Sun's Workshop 6 and get an evalution license for
30 days ( - be sure to
download all packages, e.g. C/C++/Fortran etc. - the evalution license
covers them all). Then you can buy a permanent license or grab an
evalution license for 30 days again (I know sites which wrote a script
for this... =:-)))



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