Coda File System

Patch for Mac OS X client

From: Nathan Paul Simons <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 03:09:32 +0000
I want to get the coda client working on Mac OS X.  This might be
because I have an iBook, or maybe just because I like pain :)  In either
case, I got as far as getting all the libraries compiled, then I had to
make a few changes to the coda source tree itself.  Please find attached
a patch (made from 'cvs diff' in the 'coda' module from CVS) and let me
know what is right or wrong.

Once I got the apps compiled, I realized I still needed kernel support.
This I will work on, but looks like it will take too much time right
now, and I have other more pressing projects.  Has anyone else looked at
adding coda filesystem support to Mac OS X?

PS - I can (and probably will, when I get the chance) test on Debian
GNU/Linux ia32, Debian GNU/Linux ppc, Debian GNU/Linux axp, FreeBSD
ia32 and Windows 2000 ia32 (as if that needed to be said).

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