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Re: disconnecting

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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 14:59:07 -0400
"Peter J. Braam" <> ,in message <Pine.LNX.3.96.980427150004.408>, wrote: 

> When you are disconnected, there is NO network traffic (cool eh :) ) 

  Even when connected, it compiled at a speed that I couldn't remember as
being distinct from compiling to an NFS server (what I normally do).

  Ideally, I should be able to shotgun a gigabyte onto the local cache (if it
were that big) at the speed of the local disk and then watch my network light
turn on solid for the next half hour as the stuff gets synced to the servers.
In the mean time I'd be compiling and/or editing the files I just created.

> BTW I'm confident that with some help and persistence you _can_ run your
> own server.

  Yeah.  I'd dig at the source if I had the time.  However, I don't think I'll
really be able to use coda until it becomes robust in weakly connected mode. 
I want to be able to put my MH folders on a coda server and run xmh on a
client that is separated by about 18 hops and an ISDN line.

  I'll try the server again when the 2.0.x support has matured, or, if that
doesn't happen, when glibc and the 2.2 kernel have matured.  I wish I had time
to be a sysadmin again.

Bob Forsman                         
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