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Re: disconnect mode

From: <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 15:29:16 -0400
Hi Carsten,

> I tried to get in this mode but it didn't seem to work.
> Hoarding was well (I think), but when I disconnect, I get timeouts.
> Venus tried to contact the server and didn't realize the disconnected
> mode. So it didn't want to work on the cache.
> What's wrong , I don't see my(?) mistake.

Well, you can pull out the network cable, I do that some times to reconfirm to 
myself that I actually am working completely disconnected. The timeouts are
actually a good indication that you are disconnected. However the files (or
directories) you want to access are not cached, and therefore you might not
be able to access them (or create new directory entries). Maybe the hoarding
failed to work.

> The manual said: "hoard walk" will fill the cache and then I could
> disconnect. But hoard doesn't has a walk in "man hoard" and the execution
> of it showed:
> [car_at_icebear report]$ hoard walk
> pioctl:Walk(501): No such file or directory
> pioctl:Verify(-1, /usr/coda/tmp/a01352, 501, 0): No such file or directory

Aha, this is another frequently asked question, hoarding operations are only 
allowed for some primaryuser. You can only specify this on the commandline
when starting venus. (`-primaryuser <your uid>')

On the same thread, if you are trying to _start_ venus in disconnected mode 
versus disconnecting while it is running, you probably need to specify which 
of the cached volumes is the root volume. (-r

So in my case I've edited my /etc/rc.d/init.d/venus.init file to say:
case "$1" in
        if [ ! -f $LOCKDIR/venus.init ]; then
                touch $LOCKDIR/venus.init
>>>             venus -primaryuser 500 -r vmm:root &               <<<<
                echo started: venus

It is also convenient to have the server ip-addresses and names in /etc/hosts.

Then it should be possible to start venus without any network connectivity,
and do hoarding stuff.

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