Coda File System

Re: bugs in manual, missing information, installation sucks

From: <>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 09:50:24 -0500 (EST)


I'd like to keep our effort as public as possible, so let's cc
everything to the list.

I envisage that we do two things:

- we put a Coda howto together with sections:
 - basic concepts
 - install
 - build
 - administer
 - backups
 - troubleshooting

Perhaps the first target is the following:
two documents INSTALL-server.sgml, INSTALL-client.sgml that are really 
easy to follow, have troubleshooting sections etc and describe the
installations.  Let's use sgml-tools-1.0.5, we can convert to the new
version 2.0 stuff when that is a little more stable.

We will put a basic concepts, building and troubleshooting section
together as well as an introduction to administration - probably by
raiding our existing documentation. 

We run on several platforms so if you run on Linux do your work in a
Linux subsections.

I've just put our most recent tar ball of documentation on the ftp

The areas of interest are the manual subdirectory, and the intro
subdirectory.   The intro/RUN file has pretty decent information, that 
you could use for your document.  You may also want to raid the
install file in that directory -- this is in docbook format. 

I have also put a ls-lR in /pub/coda: there is a variety of install
documents scattered all over.

Also I put a new snapshot tarball on the WWW.  It's in
There are a few modification to the server install scripts which we
made.  I'm curious to see what you can easily improve in them. 

- Peter -

Andres Kruse writes:
 > Dear Peter,
 > ok. I will try to help. Are you coordinating
 > this effort? Is anyone working on the installation
 > script for the server?
 >      Andres
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