Coda File System

Coda server on Sparc Linux

From: <>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 09:55:39 -0500 (EST)

I think that your problem is caused by having an RVM address that is
not good for Sparc MM architecture.

Why don't you edit vice-setup-rvm:

case `uname -sr` in
        "NetBSD 1.2" )
                rvmstart=0x20000000 ;;
        NetBSD\ 1.3* )
                rvmstart=0x50000000 ;;
        FreeBSD\ 2.2* )
                rvmstart=0x50000000 ;;
        FreeBSD\ 3* )
                rvmstart=0x50000000 ;;
                rvmstart=0x20000000 ;;

Should become:           0xbebd000

Remove /vice/srv.conf and then re-run vice-setup-rvm.  After that
start all the daemons and codasrv (using startserver) and the server
should come up.

- Peter -

Frank BENNETT writes:
 > Dear Peter,
 > Ive been trying to install Coda on a Sparc Linux box here,
 > as the next step in building the student terminals I wrote to
 > you about a month or so ago.
 > Ive installed RedHat Linux 5.1 on an SS5.  I then installed the
 > source package for Coda 4.6.6, and compiled it from scratch.
 > In the docs, I found the outline of vice-setup, so I made sure
 > I had the necessaries to hand, and ran the script.  My parameters
 > were:
 >   hogakubu and bukugaho as the seeds
 >   /dev/sda4 (internal SCSI) as the log file.  This partition was
 >   originally an ext2 partition, but is now unmounted.  It is
 >   55 megs in size, and Ive been asking for 5 megs of log file.
 >   /dev/sdb1 (on an external drive) as the data file.  This partition
 >   is unmounted and unformatted, and 144305 1k blocks in length.  Im
 >   asking the script for a 130M data file at this location.
 > The script always fails after the initialization of rvm, with the error
 > message:
 >   done.
 >   ? ERROR:  rds_zap_heap RVM_EINTERNAL
 >   Error in rdsinit. Exiting.
 > I have tried to proceed past this point (the script will continue
 > unless killed), but that ultimately causes the terminal to hang
 > during the makeftree format of the user space.
 > Ive tried both 4.6.6, and the 4.6.1 precompiled binaries.  Ive tried
 > running vice-setup-rvm by hand, as well, but it ends in the same error.
 > Should I write off the SS5 as a Coda server, or is there something I
 > might try to get this sorted out?
 > Many thanks,
 > Frank Bennett
 > Nagoya University
 > Faculty of Law
Received on 1998-11-23 10:09:58