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Re: [patch] auth2 with FQDN

From: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 13:20:06 -0500
> This patch makes clog (and perhaps other programs) work when the server
> hostname has a '.' in it but is not an IP address, e.g.
> Works on my system, and inet_aton() is pretty standard, so it shouldn't
> cause any problems...
> -- Elliot

Thanks Elliot,

Yeah, this one was introduced because the Win95 client didn't have inet_aton.
As all our machines are within the same domain we never suffered from this
bug until 5.0 was released, and others started reporting it.

> +    if(inet_aton(AuthHost, &hident.Value.InetAddress))

inet_aton returns 0 on success, so the test needs to be negated. For the rest
it's exactly what's needed. I've already made the implementation of the
inet_aton function for win95 do the right thing (in most cases).

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