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From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 00:04:02 -0500
> Hey, even if it's a little harder than that.

It shouldn't be.  I got so irritated by all the BS needed to build
gimp that I wrote a script to do it.  One command, takes four hours to
run.  Downloads gimp, gimp data, fonts, other gimp data, even more
gimp data, some gimp data I found under a rock, and performs the great
recursive library Easter egg hunt.  Unpacks.  Configures, configures
the parts that configure forgot, configures the libraries that don't
use configure, hacks the makefiles that don't accept a prefixdir.
Builds from the leaves up.  Installs everything under the prefixdir,
including libraries, and doesn't do ldconfig so you can have multiple
versions coexisting at once.  Cleans.  (Naturally, it was ignored.)

Notes from the 20K script

	#  Approximate disk usage:
	#                 Incremental   Total
	#       Download    29 Meg      29 Meg
	#         Unpack    91 Meg     120 Meg
	#          Build    48 Meg     168 Meg
	#        Install    88 Meg     256 Meg
	#  Approximate time usage on a P100/32 Meg:
	#       Download    Varies; the manual is particularly slow
	#         Unpack    3.5 minutes
	#          Build    3.6 hours
	#          Clean    1.5 minutes

It is my sincere belief that README's should fit on one screen and
have #!/bin/sh at the top.

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