Coda File System

Re: Fun with coda

From: David Steere <>
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 08:57:35 -0800
What's the chance of having the kernel do the unmount itself when the last
reference goes away?

(btw, we (the original coda developers thought /procfs to be the coolest
thing since we could easily find existing references to coda)).


At 1/30/99 06:56 PM -0500, you wrote:
> said:
>| I just downloaded and installed linux-2.2.1 and coda-5.0.1.  I wanted
>| to  setup a server and client on my home machine and play around with
>| it.  I  went with the defaults for a toy configuration and everything
>| ran fine until I did: [root_at_crush /root]# venus
>| Date: Sat 01/30/99
>| 19:35:50 Probably another Venus is running! open(/dev/cfs0) failed
>| (1), exiting
>Unmount /coda, then try again.  It is not possible to reattach to an
>already mounted coda fs, and although it is automatically mounted when
>venus starts, it is not unmounted when venus exits.
>I believe that the reason for this is that it is impossible to unmount 
>while some program still has something in the filesystem opened. So 
>when the unmount fails, it is likely that there some shell that has its
>current working directory in /coda.
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