Coda File System

Re: would two ethernet interfaces wig out a coda server?

From: Greg Troxel <>
Date: 18 Feb 1999 08:39:35 -0500
I have a coda server with 2 Ethernet interfaces (both normal routed
addresses), one 10 Mb/s and one 100 Mb/s.  The 10 Mb/s is primary, and
the other is a testbed net.  In the past I venus-setup'd a client to
use the 100 Mb/s net, and also added host routes to server-10
interface to go via the 100 Mb/s net.  None of this worked right
(crashing the client kernel under 4.6.5, and I haven't debugged it
further).  I suspect the problem may be in how the server chooses the
source udp address to use in reply packets, and how the client matches
these up with its requests.

I just reran the test with coda-5.0.1, and found that with a client
and server that are each on two ethernets, running venus-setup on the
client with either server hostname worked fine.   However, it seemed
like the traffic still went on the primary ethernet, to the servers
primary address.  I added a route:
  route add -host server-f server
Now some traffic appears to go over the fast net, but the address
confusion issues appeared again.  Nothing crashed, but the venus
become disconnected.

        Greg Troxel <>
Received on 1999-02-18 08:40:29