Coda File System

Re: assorted patches against 5.0.1 & dirbody.c fix for **BSD**

From: Robert V. Baron <>
Date: 18 Feb 1999 14:26:55 -0500
Thank you for the fixes that you recently sent.  Funny thing, I was
just going to sit down and do the dirbody.c fix (for large
directories) just after lunch when I got your patch.  I will slightly
tidy up what you did and commit it.  Also, the other changes that were
send for the NetBSD sparc support will be committed too.

Lastly, you made some changes for the cfs/ kernel directory for
freebsd and netbsd stable.  Because we were trying to limit the number
of releases we supported, I have not been making changes available to
cfs/ for the stable releases.  I have just been making changes to
coda/ for freebsd -current and netbsd -current as part of their
respective kernel trees.  Nonetheless I have back ported these changes
to the cfs/ -stable (for freebsd & netbsd) because we need to use
these internally (mainly on netbsd 1.3).  I will put this cfs/ that we
use internally on our web site under the freebsd and netbsd downloads.
You folk can tell me if this coda works better than what has been
released previously.  Also, I will take patches against this base.
Received on 1999-02-18 14:28:19