Coda File System

Re: assorted patches against 5.0.1 & dirbody.c fix for **BSD**

From: Matthew Fredette <>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 11:29:12 -0500 (EST)
> "Matthew Fredette" <> writes:
> > What I'm actually doing now is running NetBSD 1.3.3 with the 
> > NetBSD-current coda/ sources.  The patch I made to do this lets 
> > them work under 1.3.3, and also (I think, but I haven't tried) 
> > lets them work under FreeBSD 2.2.[68].  (The patch basically 
> > adds back to the NetBSD-current coda/ sources the same __NetBSD__ 
> > and __FreeBSD__ preprocessor #ifs, etc., that the cfs/ sources have.)
> This scares me.  Not that its impossible to have one set of code
> that runs on -stable Freebsd/NetBSD and Freebsd -current and NetBSD
> -current.  (I did once.)  The code gets rather messy.  Its not only
> that there are freebsd/netbsd differences, but there are also
> generational differences as well.  -current (on both) have gone to
> vn_lock vs calling VOP_LOCK directly.  I believe that there were
> subtleties involved in unmounting coda.  Also freebsd -current
> has changed the where vrele fits in as well as some details of the
> vm system.

All of those concerns are what I hand-waved over with the "etc." :).  
I found that the older {Net,Free}BSD-stable cfs/ sources were practically 
identical to the NetBSD-current coda/ sources, with a small handful of 
exceptions like the ones you mention.  They were so identical, and the 
exceptions so regular, that it was possible to write a program to 
automatically convert the coda/ sources (back) into code that could run 
on NetBSD-stable as well as -current, and possibly even on FreeBSD-stable.  

> I'm guessing that you are trying to keep one kernel tree for all
> platforms.  I'd prefer that you keep the 3 different trees and track
> us.

When coda-5.0.1 came out and it didn't work with the older cfs/ 
sources, I thought "Well, the cfs/ sources must not be supported 
any more.  No problem, I'll just get the NetBSD-current coda/ sources  
and make them work under -stable."  So all of this happened before
I learned that you intended to (and had) updated the older cfs/ sources.

Since I'm happy with the results, I plan on continuing to track just
NetBSD-current coda/ and use it on the -stables.  When things diverge 
so much that I can't, I'll know :).


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