Coda File System

Re: Weird parse error when compiling with Slack linux?

From: Magnus Ahltorp <>
Date: 04 Apr 1999 04:32:43 +0200
> Hello folks. With the exception of a slackware linux compilation problem
> for 4.6.1 in the archives, I do not see a mention of this anywhere in the
> archives, and I would appreciate any info. (This is the only thing holding
> back implementation of Coda at our ISP over NFS. We can't compile it.)
> I have installed readline-2.2, and everything else is stock Slackware 3.6
> on the system. I cannot find anything obvious in the lwp.c or I wouldn't
> be asking the list. :)

Could you try including <sys/types.h> at the top of lwp.c? I haven't
tested this myself, but after having a look at lwp.c, I think it might

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