Coda File System

Re: WINSPOOL.DLL (coda 5.2 client win95)

From: Marc Schnieder <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 15:09:23 +0000
Anton de Bruijn wrote:

> >
> > > Good Day sirs,
> > >
> > > I am experimenting with coda on win95,
> > > after installing and rebooting I got a message from Windows that
> it
> > couldn't
> > > install a system file,
> when did you get this message? was it a message box or an error even
> before the gui started?
> [Bruijn, A.F. de (FPI) (DGG-SIR)]
> I got the message before the gui started

Hi Brujin,

to be honest I have no idea where this message comes from. We do not try
to install a file system during booting. All we do there (mcstub.vxd) is
to register a network connection. This connection will be established
later, when relay is started (this loads the real coda file system
kernel module) and mount.exe (or mount button in codastart) is called.
Do you see this message every time you reboot your machine?

> > > i got coda working but: when I try to open a MS-Word file by
> double
> > clicking
> > > on it, I get the message
> > > 'Can't find the DLL-file, WINSPOOL.DRV'
> MS-Word looks for the file. It always starts in the directory where
> the
> double-clicked file is. Make sure that this file is really in the
> search
> path. Can you start MS-Word normally (without double-clicking a file)?
> Can you then open your doc file in coda?
> [Bruijn, A.F. de (FPI) (DGG-SIR)]
> I can open the file in the 'coda' drive if I firts start word and
> after that
> open the file in ! word.

I think your problem is related to a bug I fixed a couple of days ago.
It will make it in the next release. To find out if this is your problem
I put a special version of codadev.vxd ( on our ftp
server. Try this one (put it in c:\usr\coda\bin) and let me know if it
works or not.

Received on 1999-04-15 11:10:23