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Date: 2 Jun 99 22:08:52 MDT
Hi Peter,

Thank for your help first!!

I have tried with your suggestion but still find the same problem.  I am using
a PII PC with RedHatV5.2.  I use it as both server and SCM.  mikevol.0 is in
the file "VolumeList"and "VRList" respectively.  I rebuild the databases and
then reboot the machine (stop and start the update daemon).  Then try to mount
the volumem but find the same result.

I mount the volume according to the following procedures.  Can you please
check whether it is correct or not?

1. On server,  "createvol_rep mikevol E0000100 /vicepa" 
2. On client, "cfs mkmount /coda/mikevol mikevol"
3. On client, find a file (symbolic link) 
"lrw-r--r--      1 512     65534	9 June 2 11:30 mikevol->#mikevol"
4. On client, change current directory to mikevol by "cd /coda/mikevol".  It
replies "bash: mikevol: No such file or directory.

Is it correct?


"braam" <> wrote:
Hi Anthony,

What you see happens when for one reason or another the volume location
and/or volume replication database on the server is not updated correctly.

You need to go back to the server(s) where you made the volume.  On the
server hosting the volume check /vice/vol/VolumeList and see if mikevol.0 is
in there.  Then check the SCM and see if mikevol.0 is in there.

Then check the /vice/vol/VRList for mikevol.  If you can't find it, or you
can find it only in the VolumeList then you should issue a
volutil -h "server.holding.volume" purge volname volid

If it is there, then it is time to stop and restart the update daemons on
all machines.  Another thing that can't do any harm is to rebuild the binary
databases on the SCM (update moves these to other servers)

volutil makevrdb /vice/vol/VRList
volutil makevldb /vice/vol/BigVolumeList

Then check SrvLog on the SCM for errors.

- Peter -

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> Sir/Madam,
> I have a question about coda.
> I mount a volume named "mikevol" by using the command "#cfs mkmount
> /coda/mikevol mikevol".  Then, I find that there is a file which
> actually is a symbolic link
> (lrwxr-xr-x                    mikevol->#mikevol) under the directory
> "/coda/".  I try to use the command "#cd mikevol" to see the content of
> this volume, but it replies "no such directories or files".  Is it
> possible to see the content of this volume?  If yes, can you please let
> me know how to do it?
> I would be grateful if you can provide me the solution!
> Many Thanks,
> Anthony

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