Coda File System

Setting up CODA on a dialup (dynamic ip) host

From: <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 09:44:49 -0400
I'm having some trouble setting up coda on a Linux box connected
to the net via dialup with dynamic IP. The setup went fine (I followed
the HOWTO) until I tried to create a volume. Then it hangs there for
a while and finally gives an RPC error something like this (this is
from memory):

RPCnewbinding to server failed RPC_NOBINDING

I assume this means that coda can't look up something. I setup fake
DNS such that nslookup would return
which is the correct IP address on the local network. However I couldn't
figure out how to get all of DNS working properly (yet), i.e.:

nslookup ->
nslookup                    ->
nslookup mainland                               -> fails

So my questions are:

1) Does this look like a DNS problem? I.e. do I have to get DNS working
     before I can use CODA?

2) If it isn't DNS any suggestions as to what else I should look at?

3) Has anyone else setup CODA on a dynamic IP machine or a machine
     that is disconnected from the net and if so how did you do it?

If it is DNS then I will keep working on my setup to get split DNS working
properly. BTW is a bogus domain.


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