Coda File System

Some questions in evaluating CODA

From: Soren Dayton <>
Date: 28 Jun 1999 21:15:31 -0500

I'm thinking about using coda in a development environment because of
the disconnected/slow connection benefits, and I'm not sure how to
evaluate the stability kinds of issues.

In principle, I'm very impressed and very excited, but I don't know what 
the particularities are going to be like.

I'm imagining that I'd use CODA for home directories (say 7 users.  Some
developers, some mostly producing documents) and some space for Windows
related stuff (I don't understand this at all yet).  I'm imagining
"disconnected" users being people with laptops (so people can work at
home, or give presentations somewhere funny or something like that) and
people with machines at home that may (or may not be) used for some sort
of development.

So, excluding the windows stuff, I'm imagining that this is
realistically at a max of 10 gigs, but I should say 20 to be safe.

Can I expect CODA to be reasonably robust and get reasonable
performance?  What sorts of expectations could I have for a year from
now when the number of users might be 2-3x?  Is CODA going to scale
enough that I wouldn't have to move away from it then?

Thanks a lot,
Received on 1999-06-28 22:34:17