Coda File System

5.2 stability

From: Andrew D Parker <adparker_at_MIT.EDU>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 14:33:58 EDT

I'm exploring using Coda for an important project at work on RedHat
5.2 Linux boxes and am interested in what people have to say on its
stability. I assume version 5.2.7 is the most stable version. 

I've read the FAQ, but the question on stability is in regards to
version 4.7. I've also been reading the bugs on JitterBug, but these
problems are in regards to the "bleeding-edge" of Coda.

My configuration will consist of between 30 (and growing to a couple
hundred machines by the end of the year) distributed across the
globe. I might even get some NetBSD and/or FreeBSD boxes along the

Essentially I will have one "user" and wish to use Coda as a way
synchronize and distribute information across these machines. I will
have scripts doing different things on the machines and will use the
distributed fs as a way to communicate between them.

Thanks for your time,
Received on 1999-08-27 14:37:32