Coda File System

Where does Coda fit in relation to DCE?

From: Manfred Bartz <>
Date: 07 Sep 1999 11:22:16 +1000
Hi all,

I have read quite a bit of the Coda information and it seems to me
that Coda would fit the DCE philosophy quite well.  

I am a bit short on DFS information, but it looks like the differences
are in the integration of DFS with other DCE components like CDS (Cell
Directory Services), DTS (Distributed Time Service), RPC, Posix
Threads.  Is this correct?

Is there a significant aspect of Coda that does not fit with DCE/DFS?

Is Transarc's DFS an evolution of AFS-3, e.g. AFS-4 renamed?

Any answers or pointers to relevant info are greatly appreciated.

Manfred Bartz
Received on 1999-09-06 23:41:58