Coda File System

Does not seem like major limitation in CODA...

From: Som Bandyopadhyay <>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 16:59:11 -0600
I see the inability to open the file larger than the cache size of venus is considered as a major design limitation in CODA by many people ( refer to While I agree  its a major limitation, but I don't see why CODA team can't fix this problem!

Here is what are my thoughts. Venus needs the entire file to go disconnected. But if a file is larger than its cache size, let the client just open the file from server ( don't cache anything )..bascillay let it do a pass through interface ( avoid the cache )...So when it goes disconnected this file is not availbable..but current application in connected mode can open the file, read it, write to it etc.

Does this call for a huge design change in CODA code? I don't think so..However, like to hear from others....

thanks, som.
Received on 1999-10-07 19:00:47