Coda File System

Coda release 5.3.2 available

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 15:25:31 -0400
Just to let everyone know,

A new release, coda-5.3.2, has been uploaded to the ftp site.

Pre-built binaries are available for the following (i386 based)

    FreeBSD 2.2.5 & 3.1
    Linux (RedHat 5.2)
    NetBSD 1.3
It should still be possible to build Coda from the source for ARM, PPC
and SPARC architectures.

This 5.3.2 release is also the first usable release for the ongoing
Solaris port, done by Phil Nelson. The alpha version of the Solaris
kernel code should hit the ftp site shortly. It doesn't have kernel
level caching yet, but interested people are encouraged to give it a


Here is a short overview of the differences of release 5.3.2 since
release 5.3.1.

* Bugfixes:
    - Truncating a file while disconnected caused venus to crash.
    - A memory leak was triggered by failing SFTP transfers, this has
      been partially fixed.
    - Fixed a crash that occured after a double kill of a namecontext
      during a hoard walk after token expiry.
    - Collapsed hoard namecontexts were never re-expanded due to some

* Cleanups & features:
    - Thanks to a huge patch from Jozsef Kadlecsik, many #ifdef's in the
      code are now based on autoconf detected features instead of
      operating system.
    - Reworked the init scripts a bit.
    - New configuration file, $sysconfdir/coda/venus.conf, which allows
      persistent changes to rvm/logfiles/cache directory locations,
      which should allow distributions to push Coda into their standard
      directory hierarchy.
    - Fixed a (false) conflict that was created after a token expired.
    - Several compiler errors/warnings fixed, thanks to patches sent in
      by Troy Benjegerdes and Kurt Garloff.
    - Phil Nelson has been making many fixes and updates for the Solaris

* Known Bugs
    - The client cache usage is probably not adjusted correctly in all cases.
    - Writeback caching only works reliably on singly-replicated volumes
      (wb-caching defaults to off, so this shouldn't affect anyone)
    - There is an occasional crash during cache revalidation.
    - Windows 95 is still not functional, but we are getting closer to
      finding out what is going wrong. i.e. There is one machine where
      it works perfectly and now we only need to find out what the
      vxd/dll differences are with what is being installed by the win95

* Compatibility with previous versions
    - network protocol:			5.3.1+
    - Coda clients: 			5.3.1+
    - Coda servers, RVM/vicepa:		no changes
		    pdb databases: 	5.2.3+

Have fun,
    Jan <>
Received on 1999-10-11 15:28:55