Coda File System

Re: pthreads / lwp

From: Love <>
Date: 05 Nov 1999 19:18:24 +0100
Thomas Valentino Crimi <> writes:

>   How deep are your pthreads patches?  I'm considering getting coda to
> work on my FreeBSD Alpha machine, but my cursory attempt to get lwm to
> work failed (I also had to make numerous long -> time_t changes - is
> there any reason to go with longs?).  Would you say it's easier to keep
> working with lwm or to try to merge ptrheads (#ifdef?) :)

On arla, getting lwp to work was a 30m min work when we got the asmembly
resonebly put together.

You will have the long -> sane_type_t conversions anyway.

Accully the pthread wrapper we have is a based on old code source that was
a wrapper around cthreads. And it anyone got that running on NT I would be
*very* happy.

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