Coda File System

still a bit confused about the VM,memory,swap RVM issue

From: Remo Strotkamp <>
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 20:07:05 -0500
Hi there,

we finally decided to give coda a try and start with one server process

But I am still a bit confused about the Virtual memory issue:

somewhere is mentioned that you need at least the RVM size of Virtual
Now on my linux box, does this mean that I need as much swap and real
memory as I
have the size of RVM (i.e. the rvm data is shuffeled in the 'real mem
+swap' space??)???
Or is the RVM used as some sort of swap directly???

So supposing I go for a 1GB RVM partition.

Do I need 1GB minus real memory of swap????

In any case this will create another problem, due to linux memory

Until 2.3.24I think the limit was 3GB of virtual memory.
After 2.3.24 it goes into the terrabytes I think, but doesn't change
as probably nobody will put a developpment kernel on a fileserver! :-)

As a result this means that also the RVM can be in maximum 3GB ( or
the sum of the RVM of all the servers...).
So even with changing coda, you won't get alot further.

But maybe 2.4 will be out before coda is changed in a way to support
huge file servers...

hope somebody can clear this confusion of mine
(yeah you probably guessed it, I am partitioning the
hd's and need to know how much swap I have to put
on them....)

best regards

Received on 1999-11-05 20:07:45