Coda File System

Re: PAM and Coda

From: Tom Tarka <>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 13:06:26 -0800
Major A wrote:

> I did not succeed in posting a query to the PAM mailing list, so I am
> writing it to the Coda list instead. Is there any sign of anyone
> writing a PAM module for Coda? I would be interested in having Coda as
> the primary authentication method on a cluster of linux machines, and
> many current linux distributions have PAM support throughout
> (login/sshd/xdm/xlock etc.).

I was thinking about writing a PAM module to issue your tokens on
login, but I'm completely new to Coda and still setting up our server
so I have no idea of the feasibility, etc.  I can let the list know
as i progress, but OOC, why would you want it as your primary
authentification (sp?) method, as opposed to using an existing
method -- say a /etc/passwd or LDAP -- and using PAM to
keep the passwords between Coda and the primary Auth method
in sync, as well as to issue tokens on login...?

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