Coda File System

Re: acls

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 10:56:56 -0500
On Thu, Nov 11, 1999 at 01:03:38PM +0100, Alan Scheinine wrote:
> The manual of 1997 and also the help information when running cfs
> says the for changing ACLs I should user the user id.  I did that
> and created a permanent problem.  It seems that the USER NAME
> should be used.  I used a user id, a number, I now user "0"
> has all permissions.  I am not able to get rid of user "0".
> I tried clearing with the original number that I had used "3500"
> and with "0" and with "root" but in every case other users go
> away but "0" always stays in the acl list.  How do I get rid
> of permissions for user "0"?  (And why, in the first place
> would a mis-interpretation of the documentation result in an
> unfixable state.)
> Alan Scheinine  Email:

As there is never a coda-token for coda-uid 0, this doesn't create a
real problem. However it is strange that you cannot get rid of the
entry as there are not separate code paths for setting and clearing the
ACL. It should therefore _never_ be unfixable, when 'cfs sa . 0 xxx'
works use 'cfs sa -clear . 0' or 'cfs sa . 0 none' to clear it.

telos- ctokens
... Valid token ...
telos- cfs cs
... All servers are reachable ...
telos- cfs lv testdir
... The volume containing testdir is in Connected state ...
telos- cfs sa testdir 0 all
telos- cfs la testdir/
      System:AnyUser  rlidw   
                   0  rlidwka 
            jaharkes  rlidwka 
telos- cfs sa testdir 0 none
telos- cfs la testdir/
      System:AnyUser  rlidw   
            jaharkes  rlidwka 

The problem with the documentation probably stems from the originally
used terminology. A coda-id is the username, a coda-uid is the user id.

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