Coda File System

Re: any experience running a MIPS fileserver

From: Robbie Stone <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 10:20:58 -0800
"Mark H. Wilkinson" wrote:
> I've got the oportunity to buy a cheap Indy workstation and I was
> thinking of putting it into service as a coda fileserver a small
> network. Has anyone succeeded or failed to get coda working on such
> hardware? I was thinking of running the MIPS port of Linux on it rather
> than trying to port the file server code to run on Irix, but I might be
> persuaded otherwise.
> -Mark.

You need at least 96 megs of RAM for the machine to not swap. They're
nice, solid boxes, but I'd try for at least an R4600SC, if not an


P.S. Don't run IRIX 6.5, it's shitty, go for 6.2!
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