Coda File System

Re: ulocoda on OS X

From: Piotr Isajew <>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 18:54:26 +0100
On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 04:23:02PM +0100, wrote:

> When I am at the right computer I may try to write down the
> steps I had to take to compile and start Ulocoda.

Well, I would appreciate that too. I've spent most of Monday and
today trying in various ways to get OS X 10.5 based
environment. I just got one and, indeed, ulocoda compiles "out of
the box" on 10.5. I'm however still having problems to
communicate userland tools with venus, which is being started
(obviously) without coda special file in /dev.

I fire up 4 terminal sessions and do:

1. venus-forever in first: it launches venus and I see "Venus
starting..." at the end.

2. terra-start in second: it starts several threads and says
"Running server Library server" at the end.

3. codacon in third: is silent all the time


$ export DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES=${HOME}/.ulocoda/lib/tenaron.dylib
$ ctokens
Tokens held by Cache Manager for pki:
        GetLocalTokens error (2)
$ clog pki_at_myrealm
username: pki_at_myrealm
Local login only, could not contact venus

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