Coda File System

coda-6.9.6 released

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 16:33:19 -0400
It was about time to push out a new release, lots of bugfixes had
accumulated and this brings things back in sync, and because of the file
descriptor leak fixes I don't have to restart the Coda servers as often.

- The biggest change is probably that the source repository has now
  fully migrated to Git and is available at

- Another significant change is that the download location has changed,
  all the source and binary repositories are now at,

  Everything should be signed with my GPG key which is stored in the
  root of that tree.

- Debian/Ubuntu users add Coda as a repository.

  - wget -qO- | apt-key add -
  - add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/coda.list
        deb jessie main  
        deb-src jessie main  

    Replace jessie with your distribution's code-name, builds are
    available for Debian-stable (jessie), Ubuntu-14.04 (trusty),
    Ubuntu-15.10 (wily), Ubuntu-16.04 (xenial)
  - apt-get update && apt-get install coda-client

- Fedora users can use the coda-release rpm to get the yum repo

  - yum install
  - yum install coda-client

    Builds are available for Fedora 22 and 23

- The distributed source tarball now includes the lwp, rpc2, and rvm
  sources. If you really prefer the old broken up archives you can
  grab the Coda source and (sorry for the separate link, it will be
  part of the source archive in the next release)

  Extract coda-6.9.6.tar.gz, run (cd coda-6.9.6 ; ./configure) and run and you should end up with,
    da19fd887800353e79f3bf4c1a70dec2f7ebd0d8  lwp-2.7.tar.gz
    947d088fc049fab42de19b5112ecae9195d21caf  rpc2-2.11.tar.gz
    206f8b9f170f82724c5cd1a7fde3d4894d8edbf9  rvm-1.18.tar.gz

  (and a version of the coda tar ball with the libraries removed)
    eb61655f7e4035ef3a72cb2844259667c10f60f1  coda-6.9.6.tar.gz


----- git shortlog coda-6.9.5.. which includes lwp/rpc2/rvm changes.

Benjamin Gilbert (3):
      Fix codadump2tar checksum generation with UTF-8 filenames
      Unconditionally dump all directories in codadump2tar
      Include volume root in codadump2tar output

Greg Troxel (3):
      Support mounting on modern NetBSD
      Remove bashism of test == from configure.
      Fix for pwd in Coda.

Jan Harkes (72):
      Correctly fix the fortify LWP stack switch failure
      Set autoconf macro dir
      Hadn't removed all references to CODA_USE_UCONTEXT/HAVE_UCONTEXT_H
      register_t is only needed in lwp_stacktrace.c
      CVS updated some automatic version string.
      Call abort(2) when the AES or random number selftests fail.
      Remove unused code that set socket buffer sizes.
      say() should be a vararg macro
      Test programs don't actually use signals so they don't need the header.
      When cross-compiling rp2gen we should ignore the cross-compiler flags.
      L_SET -> SEEK_SET
      Move various custom autoconf macros to m4/
      Convert u_int32_t -> uint32_t
      Set demotion_pending flag when servers become available
      Remove old code left over from writeback permits.
      Missing include for MAXHOSTNAMELEN on Android
      u_quad_t -> uint64_t
      C code doesn't need #ifdef __cplusplus
      htons needs either arpa/inet.h or sys/endian.h
      Include netdb.h for MAXHOSTNAME
      u_quad_t -> uint64_t
      Don't build parser when libreadline is missing.
      Map RVM at 0x50000000 on Android platform.
      Add a venus-only build option (configure --enable-client-only)
      Android has res_search in libc, but strips the necessary details.
      venus-only build option changes broke the normal build.
      Move @cpu/@sys expansion back to Lookup
      Use --enable-vcodacon instead of --with-vcodacon
      Fix a server crash during resolution.
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove unreachable cases from switch.
      Fix bad printf format arguments.
      Comment out unused get_depth function.
      Fix possible format string errors.
      This seems to solve offsetof warnings with newer g++
      Drop unused elapsed_ru_utime variable in timing macros.
      Avoid accessing past the end of the ErrorMasks array.
      Fix first-time server installation
      Fix 64-bit sign extension bug that caused volume create failures.
      Remove unused MULTICAST code.
      Remove some unused variables.
      Parse VRList file when reloading the VRDB
      Extend CheckVRDB api so that it can be used as validator.
      Fix parallel build
      Avoid fd leak when dumpfile fails during backups.
      Pass unused interval value to reader threads.
      Correctly cast thread-id that is passed to worker threads.
      Use "%s" when passing buffer to printf.
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove unused variables.
      Use "%s" when passing buffer to printf.
      Ignore generated file.
      Update configure/automake.
      Signed/unsigned int/long conversions.
      Add README with basic build, install, and configuration information.
      Increase Coda client RVM slush space to 64MB.
      Pick up right files for lwp/rpc2/rvm.
      Add constant time comparison function, secure_compare().
      `make dist` updates.
      Revert "Add a global timeout for callback breaks."
      RPC2 lua binding depends on libm.
      Remove packaging files from LWP.
      Remove packaging files from RPC2.
      Remove packaging files from RVM.
      Remove Debian and RPM packaging files from Coda source.
      Rename venus-setup to coda-client-setup.
      Change venus-setup to coda-client-setup in various other places.
      Added script to create split lwp, rpc2, rvm, and coda tarballs.
      Don't blindly trust filenames from cfs listcache.
      Revert VRDB parsing changes.
      Bump version numbers for release.

Martin Petrov (2):
      Fixed clang build.
      Fixed clang build.

Neil Horman (1):
      eprint(fmt, ...) fixes from Fedora's rpm coda.spec.

Phil Nelson (5):
      Turn the mountpoint in the venus.conf of the form z: into the string     /cygdrive/z for using in opendir().
      Update for version 6.9.5-2.  The -2 is due to the fix in ctokens.
      Update for 2.6-1 cygwin package.
      Update for version 2.10-1.
      Update for 1.17-1 package.

Tom Callaway (1):
      Lua 5.2 fix.

rl (1):
      Fix file descriptor leak in updateclnt.
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