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[Darwincoda] Re: Finder magic?

From: Pekka Nikander <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 17:08:57 +0300
> The current coda kext seems to work good when accessing /coda from the
> terminal. However, when trying to use the Finder, coda comes up like an
> external disk, which is OK, but when opening that "disk", it only
> contains aliases instead of folders, and those aliases leads to
> nowhere, it seems, since I get the alert:
> 'The volume for "" cannot be found, insert
> the volume for "" and wait for it to appear
> on the desktop, then try again'
> Can anyone explain what happens behind the scene here, or give me a
> pointer to some documents.


I am trying to work through this, seeing if I can find the bugs.

BTW, what is the origin of the kernel code?  It doesn't look too
much like BSD style, and would benefit from some cleanup just
to make it look more like typical BSD kernel code does, if that
is desired.  Or otherwise I'd like to see some other style guide
that to follow...

--Pekka Nikander

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