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[Darwincoda] Current status of DarwinCoda

From: Christer Bernérus <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 13:13:22 +0200

It's been a while since the last post to this list. I'll take the 
opportunity to report on the status of the Coda kernel extension.

Unfortunately I haven't had nearly as much time to allocate for Coda as 
I had hoped, but there has been some improvements though.

A significant improvement came from Pekka Nikander, who solved the 
Finder mystery. Some of you have put in his patches by yourself, but 
now his patches has been integrated into the CVS repository.

Pekka also suggested using the command xcodebuild for building the 
kernel extension. I have checked in a somewhat modified version of his 
Makefile into sys/darwin7.3

Another useful input has come from Dimitri Tcaciuc who has written a 
script that downloads and builds all of the userland coda in one single 
command. His script is available in scripts/
(don't forget -d to cvs update)

Ivan Popov has taken another approach and offers a script at which when run installs a 
ready compiled version of userland coda, in a somewhat unusual but, I 
assure you, a not at all randomly chosen location :-)

As for myself, I have rewritten some parts of the kernel module, and 
done some research into the intricacies of the vnode locking protocol. 
I don't want to check in my current source on the main trunk, as it is 
laden with debugging constructs and printouts from the kernel. I have 
checked it in on a branch named "Research" in case you want to have a 
look or give me some hints as to why copying "Adobe Golive" 
using "ditto --rsrc -V" into coda causes venus to die, or why doing the 
same while being disconnected uses up all vnodes in the system thus 
rendering the Mac unusable. (Another reason I don't want this into the 
main trunk)

The Research branch contains some goodies though, e.g. exec() works, so 
you can run programs located in coda, likewise, the research branch too 
contains Pekka's patch, so the finder works reasonably.

-- Christer

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