Coda File System

[Darwincoda] Kernel extension updated

From: Christer Bernérus <>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 19:48:56 +0100
I have recently updated the DarwinCoda kernel extension, importing 
changes from the Research branch.

The new version works a lot better now.
It doesn't use up all available vnodes, it does not hang as often as 

The Finder works reasonably well and many Applications stored in coda 
can now be launched and run.

There are still issues, however. I have tried launching the heaviest 
application I have, Adobe GoLive CS, and it notoriously fails leaving 
an inconsistent directory in the coda file space behind.
But maybe this is as it should, because the Adobe EULA doesn't allow 
any networked file systems except for NFS and Cifs, I've heard ;-)

Nothing serious seems to happen in the server end, though, restarting 
venus with -init makes you ready for another try.

Feel free to test. And, as all, apply the standard disclaimers.

-- Christer

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