Coda File System

Coda wishlist/todolist/issues

It all depends on what you'd like to work on, there is a lot to be found in many areas.

Here is a broad overview of projects based on the current issues I have with the implementation ordered by 'subsystem',

LWP, the userspace threading package

All of these issues could probably be solved by using the implementation of LWP that runs on top of pthreads, which is available in the same source tarball. However there are assumptions in the existing code that uses LWP about locking and some confusion about which thread runs first after a fork, etc. and that threads never really run concurrently, so a lot of stuff is done without proper locking. The pthread based LWP implementation tries to deal with these issues, and with some effort you can actually get a Coda client and server running on top of pthreads. However, it has not been used much at all and it is barely stable enough to valgrind a pthreaded Coda client. Win9x/NT don't have pthreads so we still have to rely on the old LWP implementation for some platforms.

RVM, recoverable (persistent) virtual memory

RPC2, remote procedure call

Coda clients

Coda server

There is more, but for some reason I always start with LWP, and get tired of writing things down by the time I arrive at Coda clients, which is why Coda servers probably need the most work ;)